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Music data here, you can freely use but copyright has not been abandoned. Direct link of the file please do not. Secondary distribution, commercial use, request to Chiba (web master) production of the song, please contact us by e-mail. To save the file, Windows users are right-click, Mac users are control key + click, you can save on your PC. Please link this website (ち音楽堂バナー

The standard iPhone format is .m4r. Just download those and drag and drop them into iTunes. Then make sure your iPhone settings are set to copy those to your iPhone automatically.  

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Description of the music
Toccata and Fugue and cowbell.
Cool jazzy sound and fart. This work is Chibaccho's original.

Piano Sonata k545(MP4)

Piano Sonata k545(iPhone)

Piano Sonata k545(wave)

Art is an explosion!!

Swan Lake(MP4)

Swan Lake(iPhone)

Swan Lake(Wave)

Swan Lake on the phone.
Art is an explosion!!
Japanese Kabuki shout.